Show your photography in the best light with a CEWE PHOTOBOOK

Photo albums are OK for family snaps, and tablets are fine for showing people your holiday pictures. But as a serious photographer, you want to present your work in a more professional way that people will take note of. 

A custom-printed photo book can be an excellent vehicle for showcasing your photography talents, whether they lie in landscapes, wildlife, portraits or still-life. But you have to be careful; while some companies offer this service at super-low prices, the end results can be less than satisfactory. And, of course, you don’t want to put in a lot of time, effort and commitment into capturing first-class images, only for them to be let down by cheap paper stock and low-quality finishes. 

For this reason, a CEWE PHOTOBOOK is the ideal choice for serious photographers wishing to present their work in the best possible light. With an exceptional level of quality, this high-end product will bring out the very best in the shots you’re most proud of. CEWE offers six paper types, including three photographic papers, which offer an impressive weight of 300gsm and are available in Classic, Gloss or Matte finishes. 

For these papers, a special chemical development process is used that utilises light – much like you’d find in traditional darkrooms. The result is a vibrant, high-contrast image with a much wider colour range than digital printing is able to achieve. 

You’ll notice just how fine the colour gradations are, especially on skin, with high resolution and zero rastering. Specialist layflat binding is also available. This means, quite simply, that your CEWE PHOTOBOOK will open across a double page and lie flat, with no arching of the pages and no gutter in-between. It’s an astonishing effect, and looks particularly impressive when you include a large, landscape image across a double-page spread. 

When it comes to laying out your photo book, you have two user-friendly options. You can design the layout yourself in Adobe InDesign, then use the ‘PDF to Book’ option to convert your work. Alternatively, you can use the award-winning CEWE Photoworld Pro software, which puts the design process in your hands and gives you full creative control over your project. (Note that you’ll also get a handy quantity discount as a professional user.) 


Great print quality
Photographic paper yields a wider colour range than digital printing

Great build quality
Layflat binding shows your landscape-format shots to their best effect

Perfect for presents and display
High-quality paper stock means these are books to be proud of

If you have any issues along the way, there are dedicated advisors on hand, all based in the UK and available 24 hours a day, to help and advise you on completing your CEWE PHOTOBOOK. And the company’s ‘100% Satisfaction Guarantee’ means that if you’re not entirely satisfied with every element of your finished product, CEWE Professional Customer Service will go the extra mile to make you happy. 

You’re proud of your photography, so give it the kind of presentation it deserves. Head to the CEWE Photoworld website to find out how to get started with your CEWE PHOTOBOOK.

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