Pro photography will be unrecognisable in 10 years, says Colin Prior ahead of UK talk

Colin Prior
(Image credit: Colin Prior)

After the years of the pandemic – where photographers were often forced to exist and shoot inside, and taken away from many of their natural projects and assignments – it feels freeing to finally be exploring those again. No more so were the effects of isolation felt than with landscape photographers.

Colin Prior is a professional landscape photographer who is inspired by the natural world. “As a landscape photographer, you have to follow the seasons. That’s why the subject is so satisfying – you’re tapping into the environment and adapting to the seasons, in the same way, our ancestors did. Essentially, we’re applying the same logic in hunting and gathering images!”

Colin will be appearing at The Photography Show tomorrow, and it's an opportunity to hear in person from one of landscape photography's most dedicated and passionate advocates,  as he describes his adventures, experiences, inspirations, and photography philosophy.

Tickets are still available to see Colin Prior at The Photography Show in Birmingham, UK on Saturday, September 17 from 15:30-16:45.

Colin Prior
Colin Prior

Colin Prior is an acclaimed landscape photographer with almost four decades of experience. His previous books include Living Tribes (2003), The World’s Wild Places (2006), Scotland’s Finest Landscapes (2014) and he has just completed a six year project in Pakistan’s Karakoram Mountains. He has been the subject of three BBC documentaries entitled Mountain Man. Colin is appearing at The Photography Show 2022 with his talk A state of imagination.

What’s the most interesting shoot you’ve been on?

In the mid 90’s I worked on four calendars for British Airways and travelled at the front end of aircrafts with a great budget to 50 countries.

What’s your dream-come-true project?

The above, but today with the appropriate budget, I’d like to explore coastal forests, internationally.

Colin Prior

(Image credit: Colin Prior)

What is your challenge as a pro?

To make enough money to allow me to develop my personal projects. 

What, outside of photography inspires you?

The natural world.

 What will photography be to the pro in 10 years?

Good question, unrecognisable, I should think.

Colin Prior

(Image credit: Colin Prior)

What do you wish cameras could do that they can't now?

To be simplified – if the brands ripped out 85% of what is in digital cameras, people would be able to take better photographs. There is a simple reason why Smartphones have killed off the compact camera and that is because they have one button. What we have in all digital cameras is utter insanity – why does a pro, like myself, with 40 years of experience need to spend three days listening to a YouTuber telling me how to configure a camera before I can use it. Sort out the user interface and drop the endless choices – just make the camera work.

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