‘Pause for a moment’ with CEWE to win £500 worth of CEWE vouchers

‘Pause for a moment’ with CEWE to win £500 worth of CEWE vouchers
(Image credit: CEWE)

What was the last photograph that made you smile? Was it a picture of your partner, or a quick snap of your child? Perhaps it was an image of recent travels, or an old photo of a sentimental childhood memory? Regardless of the subject matter, the power of photography is unmistakable. 

However, despite the positive effects that treasured photos can have on our mood, the likelihood is that this special photograph is only viewed on your phone or computer screen. Humanity’s ability to freeze a moment in time has never been so accessible and so many of our happiest memories are being relegated to the dusty digital archives inside of our smartphones - often never to be seen again. 

According to new research conducted by photo printing specialists CEWE, 56% of people feel happy when they look at photos, while 31% of people find looking at photos relaxing. This just shows the positive impact that our favourite images can have. However, if photographs are one of the best ways to celebrate our most treasured memories, then why does CEWE research show that only 6% of us print our photos? So many of us are letting crucial memories fade away when they could be hung on our walls or nestled on our coffee tables as a constant source of joy. 

CEWE is on a mission to help bring our happiest memories back to the forefront of our lives with a CEWE PHOTOBOOK. CEWE is an award-winning UK photo book manufacturer with 24/7 UK Customer Support and a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. There are many options when it comes to creating a CEWE PHOTOBOOK, including a wide range of paper types (including Photographic Matte, Gloss and Classic), covers and sizes.  

You can also customise your CEWE PHOTOBOOK with exciting features such as the ability to play videos on your smartphone through printed QR codes and Highlights - a raised effect like embossing that you can add to text and Clipart for a premium feel. In addition, each CEWE PHOTOBOOK is verifiably printed in a carbon-neutral process, making it sustainability certified. 

If you’re ready to revive your fondest memories and preserve them through print, you’re in luck. CEWE is currently running a competition where you could win £500 worth of CEWE vouchers. Simply answer the multiple-choice question below to be in with a chance of winning a £250 CEWE PHOTOBOOK voucher and a £250 CEWE Wall Art voucher. 

Enter the CEWE competition by filling out the form below. The competition will close on 31 July at 11:59PM.

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