Apple's new VR headset may make you want to start thinking more about how the content you capture today will be viewed in tomorrow’s world

Apple’s Vision Pro headset
The Vision Pro promises to bring fresh innovations to the way we consume images and video – which means photographers have new skills to learn (Image credit: Apple)

The world’s global tech superpowers are intent on corralling mankind into a virtual world – and the latest attempt comes from arguably the biggest hitter, Apple. At the company’s 2023 Worldwide Developers Conference, Apple CEO Tim Cook used his “one more thing” moment to reveal the Apple Vision Pro mixed-reality headset and its all-new operating system; visionOS. Yesterday, Apple announced at CES 2024 that the headset will go on sale from next month So what is it, and why is it a big deal? 

This isn’t just any old virtual-reality headset: Apple claims it ushers in the “era of Spatial Computing”. In non-Apple speak, it’s a device that combines virtual and augmented reality into a product that could transform the way we interact with content, as well as how we create it.

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Jon Devo

Jon is a gadget reviewer, content creator and influencer. He spends his time reviewing products, covering technology news, giving talks on content strategy and creating content in partnership with a wide variety of forward-thinking brands. He also contributes to commercial radio, as well as in national print newspapers and magazines.