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The best iPad Pro cases: get the ultimate protection for your Apple iPad Pro tablet

Best iPad Pro 12.9 case
(Image credit: Logitech)

The best iPad Pro cases come in many guises and sizes, and having to match them up to your own Apple iPad Pro model can be really hard... With so many models – there's the iPad Pro 12.9 inch (2015), iPad Pro 9.7 inch (2016), iPad Pro 10.5 inch (2017), iPad Pro 12.9inch (2017), iPad 11 inch (2018), iPad 12.9 inch (2018) – we know that it can be tough to find the right case, so to help you, we've put together this handy guide for you.

It's well worth investing in a iPad Pro case; after shelling out so much money for you lovely Apple tech, you don't want anything untoward to happen to it. So save your iPad Pro from dirt, scratches, bumps and spills, and grab a case for your tablet today... 

Most of the cases in this guide are available for both sizes of the current pro-grade iPads: ie. the iPad Pro 12.9 (4th generation) released March 2020, and the iPad Pro 11 (2nd generation), unless specified otherwise... Having said that, you may want to double check your model number (the A number can be found on the back of your iPad Pro) and the case are compatible before you hit 'buy'. Each iPad Pro has different button layouts and access ports and camera sizes, and there's nothing worse than purchasing a cool accessory that doesn't fit your Apple product. 

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To help to make your decision, we've highlighted some of the best iPad Pro cases currently available, covering a variety of styles and budgets, for you below. 

Some cases are hugely protective, and will enable your device to withstand some big bangs, others have added functionality – like the Apple Keyboard and Folio case which turns your already awesome device into a creative powerhouse – and others have a more minimalist, slim-line design, helping you to keep your prized tech possession on show.

(Image credit: Apple)

1. Apple Smart Keyboard and Folio case

Smart design from the official makers turns your iPad Pro into a laptop

Manufacturer: Apple | Color: Black | Weight: 297g

Transforms your iPad Pro into a laptop
Slim build
Perfect fit
Being an Apple product, it's pricey
Only available in black

The Apple Smart Keyboard and Folio case features a full-size keyboard, and is the perfect accessory for your iPad Pro 12.9 or iPad Pro 11 as it effectively turns your device into a laptop. Being an official Apple product, the case is incredibly easy to fit and use: there's no charging or pairing required, you just attach the keyboard and start typing. When it's not being used as a QWERTY keyboard, the folio casing protects the back and the screen from scratches and bumps, so you have maximum peace of mind when you're carrying it around. Having said that, we wouldn't want to test how durable the case actually is, and there are certainly better protective cases available, so if you're prone to dropping your devices, you're better off choosing another product, such as the offering from Otterbox further below.

(Image credit: Apple)

2. Apple Smart Folio for iPad Pro range

Functional and super stylish case from the official makers of the iPad Pro

Manufacturer: Apple | Colors: Black, White, Cactus, Pink Sand, Surf Blue | Weight: 175g

Perfect fit
Premium product
Less protection than some offer
Being an Apple product, it's pricey

Being an official Apple product, this folio case fits your tablet like a second skin and it's super light too. The Smart Folio offers great protection for both the front and back of your iPad Pro to you can have peace of mind traveling around with it. It also provides open-to-wake and close-to-sleep functionality, which is an incredibly handy feature (but which almost every case in this guide has). The magnetic closure is highly satisfying and strong, but not so strong you have to wrestle with your tablet to get it open. You can fold the Smart Folio into different positions and all the angles are good for most of your needs, from reviewing photos, to watching Netflix, for instance, but they are only horizontal. The Smart Folio looks and feels like a premium product, it's constructed from a single piece of polyurethane, and offers great protection. And, as long as you place it on a flat, sturdy surface, your iPad Pro will sit nicely enough.

(Image credit: Logitech)

3. Logitech Slim Folio Pro iPad Case with Keyboard

An excellent alternative to Apple's offering, that's good value for money

Manufacturer: Logitech | Colors: Blue, Black, Red | Weight: 900g

Well built keyboard and case
Good value compared to Apple's offering
Would have liked the keys to depress more
Much heavier than Apple options

Logitech Slim Folio Pro iPad Case with Keyboard is a protective case and backlit keyboard that comes in one neat package. Logitech Slim Folio Pro iPad Case with Keyboard connects to iPad Pro via Bluetooth (rather than via Apple Smart Connector,  which would have been better as it would save you having pair your device). The keyboard features full-sized backlit keys that will keep you productive right into the night and wherever you go. It's also features familiar iOS shortcuts and the keys are well spaced so that your typing still feels fairly natural. The case feels durable and has excellent edge protection; it will certainly keep your precious device protected from bumps, scratches and spills. We don’t want to be classed as Logitech fanboys though, so the negative points are that we would have preferred it if the key travel was a little more generous, and felt less plasticy. If you're after a keyboard case but can't quite afford the Apple option, then go for this one. Oh, and Logitech has been good enough to include a place to house your Apple pencil (something that's lacking on the Apple keyboard folio case). Compatible with the following models: A1876/A2014/A1895/A1983/A229/A2233.

(Image credit: Logitech)

4. Logitech Folio Touch iPad Keyboard Case with Trackpad & Smart Connector

Another well made keyboard and protective case that'll safeguard your iPad

Manufacturer: Logitech | Colors: Black | Weight: 900g

Great design
Backlit keys automatically adjust to your environment's lighting
The keyboard buttons don’t go down more than a millimeter

This protective case features a flexible kickstand that offers 40° of tilt, so you can be sure to get the right angle for the task at hand. When you want to review you photos, sketch, do a Zoom call, or watch videos, you can fold the keyboard out of the way – which is a really neat design feature. Logitech suggest that: 'The large, well-spaced keyboard containing a full row of iPadOS shortcut keys lets you type comfortably with speed and accuracy.' While this is true, it's a shame that on this keyboard too, the buttons feel just a little like typing on a plastic touch screen as they don't really press down in the same way as those on a laptop. However, there's always going to be a trade-off with this kind of case: In keeping the design lightweight, the keyboard's functionality has suffered slightly. It is a durable case which offers great edge protection, and the keyboard works really well, it's also good value for money, so don't let this put you off. The keys automatically light-up to adjust to your environment's lighting, which is another neat feature. Nice one, Logitech. Compatible with the following models: A1980/A2013/A1934/A1979/A228/A2233.

(Image credit: Torro)

5. Torro Tablet Case compatible with Apple iPad Pro 11

The best iPad Pro case with unique styling and good protection

Manufacturer: Torro | Colors: Black, Red, Dark brown | Weight: 290g

Quality, genuine leather product
Great protection
Adds some weight and heft

This Torro iPad Pro 11 case, with a high-gloss finish, cream microfibre interior and contrasting cream TORRO bull’s head insignia, has been designed for people who are after a stylish, functional and high-quality product to enhance and protect their already stunning Apple iPad Pro. Thanks to the Napa leather, the case has a lovely soft feel to it and the silicone-based internal frame with toughened sturdy rear plate offers additional shock absorption so you can be sure that it's durable. Even though the case closes via an elasticated band rather than using magnets, you can still facilitate the wake/sleep function of your iPad by simply lifting and closing the microfiber-lined cover. The Torro case offers good all-round protection and the leather provides excellent grip. For added functionality, the case has three anti-slip stripes to enable three angles for comfortable reviewing of photos and footage, TV viewing, typing and so on. This is a high-quality product, and you should consider grabbing one while you can.

(Image credit: Zugu)

6. Zugu Case 2020 for the iPad Pro 12.9

Heavy-duty case that offers major drop protection for accident-prone users

Manufacturer: Zugu | Color: Black | Weight: 522g

Tough protection
Good value
Adds some weight

We know that you’d like to keep your iPad Pro’s sleek lines and metal body on show for the world to see, but sometimes you just need to say that protection comes before styling... But, hang on a minute, this case doesn't compromise on style either – brilliant! The Zugu Case 2020 strikes the perfect balance between function and aesthetics, offering reliable full-body protection while staying slim. There are airflow vents in the PC/TPU shell that prevent overheating. The case has been engineered with a robust bumper and rugged TPU and PC shell for major drop protection. Despite boasting a relatively slim profile, this case offers protection from drops up to five feet, making it ideal for the ultra-clumsy or people who use their tablets in harsh environments. 

(Image credit: OtterBox)

7. OtterBox Defender series for the iPad Pro range

Best drop and scratch protection, and with no folio flaps...

Manufacturer: Otterbox | Color: Black | Weight: 898g

Robust and rugged design
Pricey for polycarbonate

When it comes to protective cases, whether for iPhones or iPads, Otterbox is about as good as it gets. And with this particular case, you can rest assured that your prized tech possession will be safe and secure without scrimping on style. The OtterBox Defender offers three layers of protection in a drop-proof case. There's a solid inner shell and a resilient outer slipcover; the case feels grippy, so there's very little chance it will slip out of your hands, and the level of protection withstands drops, bumps and shocks, while the clear polycarbonate rear panel means you can still showcase your beautiful Apple device. The case comes with reinforced rubber corners to help to protect the case against accidental drops, while a slightly lipped front keeps the screen safe from scratches. It's an excellent bit of kit, that's well worth the money. If you've got kids who like to borrow your tech, then don't leave things to chance, grab one of these today.

(Image credit: Pipetto)

8. Pipetto Origami Pencil iPad case Pro 11 & Pro 12.9

Smart protection at a great price, a good alternative to the Smart

Manufacturer: Pipetto | Colors: Various | Weight: Not specified

Loads of lovely color options
Many stand modes
Not as protective as some

The Origami Pencil Case features lots of stand positions and functionality, and comes with a slot for your Apple Pencil and a TPU bumper for extra protection. It's similar to the Apple Smart Cover featured in this guide, and it even turns the device on/off when opened/closed, in the same way as the Smart cover does. The magnetic cover is made from PU (this is exactly the same touch and feel as Apple's Smart Cover) and the back is made from a shock absorbent TPU, which means your iPad is fully drop protected, feels great and will wipe clean. The 'Origami' folding style of the smart cover is what makes it stand out in terms of functionality and usability, as it offers a total of four different angles, so you can review photos or footage, watch or type in comfort. There are loads of colors to choose from too.

(Image credit: Speck)

9. SmartShell Plus for iPad Pro 12.9

The best clear case that gives the greatest protection at a good price

Manufacturer: Speck | Colors: Clear, Onyx Black | Weight: 53g

Slim design
Nicely showcases your prize-winning tech
Made from polycarbonate, which isn't to everyone's taste

This clear case for the iPad Pro enables your beautiful Apple tablet's design shine through. So, if showing off your iPad is important to you, while keeping it safe from everyday knocks and scratches, dirt and spills, you'll want to consider this well-designed bit of kit. The sleek, slim-line case fits the tablet really well and the transparent rear features cut-outs in all the right places, what's more, there's a gap along the side so you can add on Apple's own Smart Keyboard to effectively turn your tablet into a laptop. We really like the reinforced edges and corners that will give you can have peace of mind that your lovely device is safe from drops.

(Image credit: STM)

10. STM Dux Plus Case for iPad Pro 11 Case

The case that offers the greatest drop protection for the Apple iPad Pro

Manufacturer: STM | Color: Black, Navy | Weight: 750g

Slim-grip design despite being rugged
Adds on some serious weight

If you're a bit accident prone, you'll want to consider this highly-protective case from STM. The Dux Plus case is said be 'Tested to exceed U.S. Mil-Std 810G drop tests... Dux is able to maintain all operating functions after plummeting 26 times for a height of 4 feet'. It's a bold claim and one we're not about to test! But if STM is to be believed, it makes the Dux Plus the most rugged case in this guide. And what's lovely is that it still retains your tablet's stylish looks: STM uses transparent materials on the back panel so that you can customize your device with personal images, scan a tagging barcode, or simply let the beauty of your device shine through. The case also features integrated Apple Pencil wireless charging and storage, and STM’s patented magnetic closure. What's not to like?

(Image credit: Braecn)

11. Braecn case for iPad Pro 12.9

The best case for the iPad Pro 12.9 for accident-prone people and kids

Manufacturer: Braecn | Color: Black, Red | Weight: 750g

Hand strap
Detachable shoulder strap
Stand for the case is a bit flimsy

This is an incredibly well-made case that feels very secure. If you have little ones, who like to borrow your precious tablet, this might be the one to go for – not that you really want to be giving your precious iPad Pro over to the little ones, but sometimes it just happens. The case comes with a sturdy and durable anti-fall protective cover, which is made of premium hard plastic and soft, shock-absorbing silicone. The three-layer structure ensures good protection from drop and impact, with nice raised edges that protect the camera, and there's a strap that you can attach so that you can carry your iPad Pro 12.9 around more securely, while you're hiking or traveling, for example. The strap can also be used to hang up your tablet from a car seat for in-car entertainment for the kids. At just over £20/$20, it's well worth the money. Compatible with Apple iPad Pro 12.9 inch 2020 A2229/A2069/A2232/A2233 and iPad Pro 12.9 inch 2018 A1876/A2014/A1895/A1983.

(Image credit: ProCase)

11. ProCase for iPad Pro 12.9

The best value case that gives good protection for the iPad Pro 12.9

Manufacturer: ProCase | Color: Teal, Gray, Red, Rose Gold | Weight: 430g

Lots of color options
Slim, light-weight design
Not very protective
Might wear over time

This light-weight, shockproof, protective case from Procase is probably the most basic case in this guide, but don't let that put you off... Made from Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene, it still offers good protection against dirt, scratches and bumps, just don't expect it to save your device from major falls. Just a little note about the weight: this case isn't as advertised on Amazon – the weight of 142g isn't correct, it's nearer to 400g. Having said that, it's still feels light. There's support for the sleep/wake feature, so you can open the case and wake your iPad Pro, and closing it puts it to sleep, and the case snaps neatly shut with magnets. There are only a couple of standing angles, but you might not need loads of angles, and it comes in loads of lovely colors, so you have plenty of choice there.

(Image credit: Ztotop)

12. ZtotopCase for New iPad Pro 12.9 Case 2020

The best case for the iPad Pro 12.9 with organizer pocket

Manufacturer: ZtotopCase | Colors: Black, Dark Gray, Rose | Weight: 329g

Nice color options
Slim, light-weight design
Not very protective
Might wear over time

Made from synthetic leather and microfiber, this smart case from ZtotopCase for the new iPad Pro 12.9 isn't going to save your iPad Pro from big drops, but it will keep it safe from dirt, scratches and bumps; it features a deep recess to protect your camera too, and at under £30/$30, you can't ask for much more. But there is more! The iPad Pro 12.9 2020 case has a built-in leather hand strap, stylus loop, organizer pocket and provides multiple slots for you to set up your iPad Pro at various angles for watching movies or typing. Like most of the other cases in this guide, this case supports the iPad Pro's auto sleep/wake function. All-in-all, the premium synthetic leather exterior, anti-slip interior lining and hard back shell offer great protection against daily use.

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