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Best gloves for photographers

Best Photography Gloves

It is essential for photographers who like outdoor photography, such as landscape and wildlife genres, to have the correct equipment to keep warm and dry – and the best gloves are an absolute necessity if you want to keep control of your camera, to change your lenses or apply filters, for example.

What gloves you choose will largely depend on what type of shooting you're doing and where. You'll want to consider gloves that have good wind-proofing, water-resistance and a great grip, and it's vital that whatever you choose should enable you  to adjust the camera controls easily. 

As the choice is so varied, we've picked out some of the very best gloves for photographers here. If you're like us, you'll want to pick up a couple of different pairs to account for mild and severe weather...

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(Image credit: North Face)

1. The North Face Etip gloves

The best gloves for photographers overall

Colors: Available in gray, black and heather | Sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL

Feel like a second skin
Touchscreen capability
Not the warmest

The stretchiness of the North Face Etip gloves makes them a pleasure to shoot with: they feel more like a second skin that enables you to feel small controls and lens rings. While you can't really beat fold-back fingertips for control, these non-foldable tips are still supple enough for you to feel recessed buttons.

Every finger and thumb tip features invisible Etip conductive tech: perfect for multi-finger swiping on a touchpad. And you get an effective grippy coating on the palms.

It's probably best if you don’t expect ultimate insulation in very cold climates from these gloves. 

(Image credit: Vallerret)

2. Vallerret Women’s Nordic Photography Gloves

Luxury gloves for female photographers

Colors: Available in gray and black | Sizes: XS, S, M, L

Perfect fit for females
Good grip
A little pricey

Sized and shaped for female photographers, the Nordic is lined with merino wool and has Thinsulate insulation. 

It features a flip-back forefinger and thumb, so you can handle your camera's fine controls, and change lenses or apply filters easily. Non-slip material on the palm side helps give you a good grip, and each glove has a small pocket to hold items like a memory card. One even has a tripod release plate key on a lanyard.

(Image credit: Vallerret)

3. Vallerret Ipsoot

Excellent gloves for very cold conditions

Color: Black | Sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL

Great insulation
Flip-back index fingers and thumbs
Bulky like skiing gloves

Similar to the Vallerret Women’s Nordic gloves (featured above), these unisex Ipsoot gloves are thicker and warmer than the Nordics, with a feeling that's akin to skiing gloves. Unlike standard skiing gloves, however, they have flip-off caps on the index fingers and thumbs so you can feel the buttons and dials of a camera without having to expose your whole hand or your fingers to the cold.

If you are planning to go out in very cold conditions, or photography isn’t the main aim of your trip, the Ipsoot gloves are an excellent choice. 

(Image credit: Easy Off)

4. Easy Off Fold-Back Finger Tip Gloves

Tough, grippy and very cheap

Sizes: Available in medium, large and extra large

Three digit fold-back design
Not the most flexible

These Easy Off Fold-Back Finger Tip Gloves offer extremely good value. They are tough and grippy, but can begin to feel a little bit cumbersome when dealing with smaller controls. They feel durable and the velcro strap keeps you feeling snug and warm.

However, the big difference between these gloves and others in the list is that the thumb, forefinger and middle finger tips fold back, which makes performing delicate tasks a cinch.

(Image credit: Just Zip)

5. Easy Off Photographers’ Gloves

Highly insulated for arctic conditions

Sizes: Available in medium, large and extra large

Offers the best insulation

These unisex gloves from Easy Off Gloves are the most insulated, but also the bulkiest, gloves in this list. If you're serious about being warm, then these are the gloves to go for. 

These gloves also feature the clever flip-back thumb and forefinger tips with magnetic catches, which ensures that the tips stay out of the way, but are easy to pop back on when needed. There's also a handy memory card pouch for extra cards while you're out and about.

(Image credit: Torro)

6. Torro Wool Touchscreen Gloves

For those who like a touch of wool

Size: One size | Colors: Charcoal gray

Top-quality wool
Touchscreen capability
Not the warmest

The Torro Wool Touchscreen Gloves don't feature the usual flip-back fingertips, instead they are conductive, so you can use the touchscreen without worrying about adjusting or removing anything.

The wool keeps your hands and fingers warm, yet it’s thin enough to enable easy camera control. Extremely comfortable.

(Image credit: Vbiger )

7. Vbiger Men’s Touchscreen Gloves

Not the warmest but extremely flexible

Sizes: M, XL | Colors: Black, Black and grey

Lycra material is very flexible
Not the warmest

The Vbiger Men’s Touchscreen Gloves have been designed with flexibility in mind: The gloves are elastic material means that they fit your hands perfectly.

While the lycra-style gloves aren’t the warmest, they are extremely flexible and lightweight making them perfect to travel with, and they feature superb silicon grips so you can be sure you're in control.

The touchscreen-compatible pads on the thumb and forefinger are a little slippery but work well enough.

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