The best burner phone 2024: cheap phones you won't worry about breaking

Best burner phones
(Image credit: Nokia)

The best burner phone isn't just for drugs dealers and cheating husbands. This kind of phone is very cheap, which makes it a great choice as a backup or spare that you don't need to worry too much about losing or breaking. Plus, as a simpler device, it'll have battery life that would puts iPhones to shame!

Think about it. There are places you wouldn't want to take your iPhone Pro Max, lest it get stolen or damaged. And there are times when a smartphone battery just isn't going to last, but you might need to make an urgent call. So the best burner phone comes in handy as a useful backup. Since HBO drama The Wire the term 'Burner’ is the most common, but ‘feature phone’ is an industry favourite meaning a non-smart phone, and ‘pre-paid’ refers to the alternative to contracts with minutes and data paid for in advance.

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