14 portrait photography tips you’ll never want to forget

How to shoot candid portrait photography: step 6

Although many photographers upgrade to a decent SLR to take family portraits or pictures of friends, getting great shots of people is always a challenge. The difference between amateur and professional portraits can be vast. So we’ve compiled this list of 14 of the most important portrait photography tips for any photographer, to help you improve the quality of the pictures you take.

A 10 point checklist for perfect photo composition

Compose an image with impact: 05 Shoot long for landscapes

Composition is an art and also a science, and an area where a lot of otherwise technically proficient photographers can struggle. It’s not something that can be taught, like the relationship between aperture and shutter speeds or figuring out hyper-focal distance, but here are some essential tips to help you with framing… 1 What are… Continue reading

Photo Recipes: Scott Kelby on how to blend light sources


In his series in Digital Camera magazine and Digital Camera World, the legendary Scott Kelby reveals some of the behind-the-scenes secrets of some of his favourite images. This month Scott explains how to add just enough flash to enhance a portrait but retain a natural look. Words and images by Scott Kelby. You can follow Scott… Continue reading