How to set up and use a home photo studio

How to set up a home photo studio

Studio lighting isn’t as scary as it might seem, and setting it up at home will greatly improve your portrait pictures. Trust your manual mode, scatter the light and relax your subject with a little music as well and you’ll be coming up with professional pics every time. Follow the steps below for setting up your own home photo studio and soon you’ll find yourself gaining confidence, as well as a broad portfolio of work.

3 must-haves for every home photo studio

Home photo studio photography tips

Working in a studio environment for the first time can be a very daunting prospect, even if it’s your home photo studio – and even if you’re extremely confident in your photographic abilities.
There are so many questions that need to be answered; lighting gear, camera settings and, more importantly, what kit is essential for the shots that you have in mind.

Below we’ve suggested 3 ‘must-haves’ for every home photo studio photographer. You’ll find must-have lighting adjustments, camera settings and finally, must-have accessories that you’ll find essential to getting the pictures you want. We’ll tell you what they are, and then offer some helpful tips to make sure you get the best from your photo equipment.

Master your home photo studio: setup, settings, accessories explained

Master your home photo studio: setup, settings, accessories explained

The thought of constructing a home photo studio setup with lights can seem a scary prospect. But you can relax: the portrait lighting equipment you need has become much cheaper and easier to use – and it won’t take over your home.

The beauty of a home photo studio setup, especially for portraits, is that it gives you the ability to control 
your light source – you can decide which studio accessories you use, and where you place them.

Here we’ll show you some of the best camera settings, lighting arrangements and accessories you need to get perfect portraits at home.

Family Portraits: 10 tips for setting up your home photo studio

Family Portraits: 10 tips for setting up your home photo studio

Whether you’re taking portraits of your friends or you’ve been commissioned to photography a family – or whether you’re taking your own family photos – working from your own home photo studio can be exceptionally rewarding.

Below we’ve compiled 10 expert tips on how to set up your home photo studio, with fundamental photo ideas for how to light, pose and set up your camera to shoot family photos.

Improve your family portrait skills

contemporary family portraits: tips and techniques

Everything you need to know for contemporary family portraits
There’s lots to consider when taking your family pictures, from the technology you’re using to how the people involved react. By using some simple tricks in composition and preparation, and by keeping the children entertained, you can be sure that you’ve got all you need to take some really good family photos.