Rogue Safari review: increase the power of your camera’s pop-up flash

Rogue Safari review: increase the power of your camera's pop-up flash

The Rogue Safari flash modifier is a dazzling boost for your camera’s pop-up flash, but does it live up to all its claims?

Rogue Safari review: increase the power of your camera's pop-up flash

The poor little DSLR pop-up flash has always lived in the shadow of a proper flashgun, but thanks to the Rogue Safari it now has the chance to blast up to 8x more oomph.

The theory is simple: mount a lens in front of the flash to focus its light into a tighter, brighter beam for increased long-range illumination. The downside is obvious flash falloff when shooting wider than 100mm.

But keep things zoomed in and the effect is quite literally brilliant. Compared to our camera’s bare flash, the Safari produced a four-stop light increase at 100mm over approximately 20 feet.

Impressive stuff for such a portable gadget and very handy when you need a more potent fill flash.

The design will fit all Canon and Nikon APS-C format DSLRs from recent years, though it’s not exactly the last word in robustness.

You’d also be wise to close your flash before wrestling the tight-fitting Safari out of its hotshoe mount, unless you fancy a pricey repair bill.

Small and light
Noticeably boosts flash power
Reasonably priced

Very tight hotshoe fit
Fragile design
Only suitable for focal lengths over 100mm

Price: £25, $35

Score: 4/5


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