Seascape Photography Tips: using your 10-stop ND filter for ultra long exposures

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    Seaside Photography Tips – 02 Camera settings

    Seaside Photography Tips - 02 Camera settings

    Set your ISO to 100 for the best possible image quality and shoot in raw as this will give you more leeway for correcting exposure errors.

    Don’t rely on Auto White Balance, use the Daylight setting instead to enhance the warm colours of dawn or sunset.

    We’ll be using Manual Exposure mode set at 30 secs – or Bulb if longer exposures are required – and so a solid tripod and remote release are also important tools to ensure sharp results.

    PAGE 1: Seaside Photography Tips – 01 Break the rules!
    PAGE 2: Seaside Photography Tips – 02 Camera settings
    PAGE 3: Seaside Photography Tips – 03 Attach the filter
    PAGE 4: Seaside Photography Tips – 04 How to calculate exposure (free cheat sheet)
    PAGE 5: Seaside Photography Tips – 05 Beach challenges
    PAGE 6: Seaside Photography Tips – 06 When to shoot?
    PAGE 7: Which filter to use for long-exposure seascapes


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