Sabre Switch TriggerSmart review: is this the ultimate tool for high-speed photos?

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    The Sabre Switch TriggerSmart is a motion, light and sound detection system that allows photographers to capture incredible high-speed photos. But is it worth its price tag? Find out in our Sabre Switch TriggerSmart review.

    Sabre Switch TriggerSmart review: is this the ultimate tool for high-speed photos?

    TriggerSmart is a simple, portable and fairly inexpensive introduction to automated high-speed photography. The system consists of a battery-powered control box, a pair of sensors, two mini tripod stands and connecting wires.

    At first glance you’d be forgiven for wondering about the rough and ready exterior, but once it’s up and running things are more impressive.

    The sensors can be configured to send an infrared beam between each other, with a shot taken if the beam is cut. Alternatively, a sudden sound or pulse of light will trigger the system.

    This makes it possible to capture the most precisely-timed mini explosions, water splashes or shattering glass.

    The sensitivity of each detection method can be adjusted via the control box, as can the delay between detection and shutter release, and the number of shots fired each time.

    However with just dials to play with, you’ll have to resort to trial and error to nail the right settings. Despite this, and a likelihood that you’ll need a separate adaptor to connect the system to your camera, TriggerSmart is an effective photography aid.

    Price: £239
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    Score: 4/5


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