Photography Lighting: how to take control of everything from natural light to flash

Photography Lighting: take control of everything from natural light to off-camera flash

How to use flash triggers

How to use flash triggers: step 1

1 Position your flash
Most receivers have a tripod mount underneath so that you can attach it to a standard tripod. If you want to achieve a softer light you should also attach a flash diffuser or softbox at this point, as it will affect the exposure you need.


How to use flash triggers: step 2

2 Set the flash power
Set the flash to manual, and then use 
the power controls to set this to a level appropriate for the distance from the flash. Many flashguns have a display on the back to clearly indicate all the power, distance and aperture settings that you’re using.


How to use flash triggers: step 3

3 Check the exposure
With your camera in Manual, set the aperture to the value on the flashgun’s display. Take a test shot, and if it’s too dark use a larger aperture (or move the flash closer). If it’s too light use a smaller aperture (or move the flash further away).

PAGE 1: Understanding the character of light
PAGE 2: How to control your photography lighting
PAGE 3: Taking control of the light
PAGE 4: Use a reflector to fill in the shadows
PAGE 5: Using fill-in flash
PAGE 6: Making the most of natural light
PAGE 7: Predicting the natural light
PAGE 8: Shoot in the direction of light
PAGE 9 Exposing in low light
PAGE 10: Shooting in twilight vs complete darkness
PAGE 11: How to shoot handheld in low light
PAGE 12: Why you might want to use flash
PAGE 13: Soften the light from your flash
PAGE 14: How to use flash triggers


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