Studio lighting: 4 seriously simple lighting techniques to try at home

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    Studio Lighting Setup 2 | Clamshell


    This studio lighting technique is used to capture every detail with even light

    Studio Lighting Techniques: clamshell

    This studio lighting setup is great for beauty images as the lighting is flat and even.

    It’s pretty easy to achieve this effect too – all you need to do is place two softboxes on either side of your subject at the same angle and at an equal distance.

    Studio Lighting Techniques: clamshell setup

    Set the power so it’s the same from each light. Try using a reflector under the face – your model should easily be able to hold this.

    This will bounce light up and onto the face.

    Gear needed
    ■ Two flash heads ■ Two 66cm softboxes 
■ One reflector ■ Two light stands

    PAGE 1: Introduction to studio lighting
    PAGE 2: Creating the perfect home photo studio
    PAGE 3: Rembrandt studio lighting setup
    PAGE 4: Clamshell studio lighting setup
    PAGE 5: Backlight studio lighting setup
    PAGE 6: Rim light studio lighting setup
    PAGE 7: Final tips on studio lighting


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