Review: Flash Wave III RX wireless flash system

Review: Flash Wave III RX wireless flash system

Review: Flash Wave III RX wireless flash system

The Flash Wave III RX is a wireless system for triggering flashguns and studio lights, and firing the camera’s shutter. The system comprises a transmitter and receiver, and supports a total of 16 channels, selectable via four small switches on the side of both units.

These are painfully tiny though, and can only really be moved with the protrusion from the battery cover, as suggested by the manual.

Both units have LEDs to indicate power and status, although once a flashgun is mounted on the receiver it obscures the power LCD.

This model promises a greater range than earlier versions, and working on radio frequencies means it doesn’t require line of sight to communicate.

It works just as well through a series of walls and on different floors as it does when the units are placed right next to each other.

The receiver has a hotshoe on one side and a tripod thread on the other, so it can be mounted securely when used with a tripod, although it can easily support a flashgun without a tripod.

The Flash Wave III RX works well, but the one thing that may put some off is the lack of TTL metering support.

Still, if you’re on a budget and don’t require TTL compatibility, this is a perfectly capable system.

Price: £125

SCORE: 4/5


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