Phottix Light Tent Cube Soft Box Review

Phottix Light Tent Cube Soft Box Review

Phottix Light Tent Cube Soft Box Review

Designed with product photography in mind, the Light Tent Cube Soft Box is one of the larger options on the market.

As such, it’s ideal for a wide range of products, from smaller pieces of jewellery and watches, to shoes, bags and electronic items.

Although it’s quite spacious when in use, it folds down to a portable size and arrives in its own zipped carrying case.

Black, white, red and blue cloths are supplied with the cube, each of which can be used to line its sides and base as a backdrop.

Should the nylon side of each cloth not be to the user’s liking, the other more velvet-like side may be used instead, given that both sides are equipped with Velcro pads.

There’s also a door with a slot to shield extraneous light, which allows the subject being photographed to be lit solely with the diffused light passing through the sides of the cube.

The cube springs out of its carrying case in the same way as a reflector, and the thin but sturdy steel frames around its edges help it to maintain its shape.

Because the tent is so large, it can be a little awkward to fold back down and put away, but once you get the hang of it it’s not much of an issue.

The thick Velcro pads mean the cloths stay firmly in place, although having been initially folded they require ironing to be suitable for use as backgrounds.

Dimensions: 800x800x800mm

Well-made with a useful selection of coloured backgrounds. Its high price is offset by the large size.

Score: 4/5


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