Free macro photography cheat sheet

Free macro photography cheat sheet

With spring in full bloom and summer just around the corner, now is the perfect time of year to start paying closer attention to the smaller world around us. While big vistas and landscape photography are popular subjects in the summer months (download our flow chart for overcoming some of the landscape’s greatest challenges), it’s also a great time to hone your macro photography skills.

For the latest infographic in our ongoing photography cheat sheet series, we’ve turned our cameras downward to the garden and forest floor to help you learn how to capture smaller subjects more effectively.

For our macro photography cheat sheet we’ve produced four handy flow charts that take you step by step through some of the common areas of macro photography where people get tripped up.

We’ll show you how to improve your macro photo composition (also check out this gallery of incredible insect macro photography for inspiration), master exposure and get to grips with lighting your subjects and using backlighting for more dramatic effects.

To download this latest photography cheat sheet, simply drag and drop it on to your desktop to save as a reference.

And if you liked this infographic, you might also find our cheat sheets on when to use small vs wide apertures and what is color temperature useful, as well as our cheat sheet for better bird photography.

Free macro photography cheat sheet: drag and drop to save to your desktop

Download Part 1 of the hi-res version of this cheat sheet
Download Part 2 of the hi-res version of this cheat sheet
Download Part 3 of the hi-res version of this cheat sheet
Download Part 4 of the hi-res version of this cheat sheet


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