Photoshop video: Polaroid transfer effect

Want to give your portraits an edge of cool? Watch this simple Photoshop Elements tutorial video to give photos a retro film look with a Polaroid transfer effect

Find out how to recreate a classic analogue film effect for your digital photos. This Photoshop Elements tutorial shows you how easy it is to add an element of cool to your portraits with a Polaroid transfer effect. The original technique involved applying a sheet of film to a piece of damp paper and then peeling them apart. Not only were you left with an attractive torn-edge border, but you also got unusual shifts in colour. In this video you’ll learn how to desaturate the colours while keeping vibrant skin tones and get to grips with Levels and Adjustment Layers. Finally you’ll be able to add a border for the finishing touch. You can download the border for this tutorial by clicking the link below, but don’t forget to check out the links on the right for more free borders to download.