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Stock photographer moves to an island for a year to capture images of nature

Photographer Pasi Markkanen enjoying the archipelago nature
Photographer Pasi Markkanen enjoying the archipelago nature (Image credit: Pasi Markkanen)

A former image bank photographer from Finland is living and shooting for a year on an island community made up of several small islands near Porvoo, Finland.

After the Corona outbreak canceled all of his work, Pasi Markkanen decided to look for an alternative and more sustainable way of life. Every day, he documents the archipelago’s nature and ponders more sustainable ways of living as his full-time job.

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Grass against the setting sun

Grass against the setting sun (Image credit: Pasi Markkanen)
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(Image credit: Pasi Markkanen)
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Moss blooming

Moss blooming (Image credit: Pasi Markkanen)
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Sights from the night row

Sights from the night row (Image credit: Pasi Markkanen)
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Oystercatcher in hail storm

Oystercatcher in hail storm (Image credit: Pasi Markkanen)

Pasi shoots with a Sony Alpha 7R III, and will donate his best 100 images for use in nature conservation once the project is over. On the island, there is no tap water or sewerage, and he lives with minimal resources other than his natural surroundings.

"On average, a Finn consumes 140 litres (37 gallons) of fresh water a day. While living on the island, I've used approximately two litres (0.5 gallons) a day. When you carry the water along the road, bring it through the forest and across the sea with a rowing boat, you develop a special respect for it and won't take it for granted anymore."

Follow Pasi's journey

Pasi Markkanen has been living and photographing on the island since the 3rd April, gaining over 100,000 views on Instagram. His first nature video has reached over 40,000 people on Facebook.

His project is being crowdfunded, with any profits marked for living costs. The most important thing for him is being able to spend his days doing what he is best at – promoting the value of nature and sharing beautiful photos and stories.

Follow Pasi's journey and see more of his images at:

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