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Ricoh GR III ING special edition camera announced in China

Ricoh GR III ING Special edition camera
(Image credit: Ricoh)

Ricoh has recently announced the Ricoh GR III ING Edition Special Limited Kit, a fresh version of its popular compact camera, the Ricoh GR III. This special edition camera has been announced in China as the first product from the GRowING project. This compact camera features a stylish green color-way that's designed to appeal to students and younger users.

The Ricoh GR III ING Edition Special Limited Kit will come with a limited edition hot shoe cover, complete with the GRowING logo. The special kit will also include a customized camera bag, a shoulder strap, a boutique gift box, a gift bag and a copy of GRist photography. Finally, the LCD screen will display the Growing logo along with a special background that matches the aesthetics. 

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Ricoh has released a press release stating, "This product incorporates the green symbolizing new life in the traditional GR black, just like creative green buds that are constantly sprouting in the dark night, which releases inspiration anytime and anywhere. Ricoh Imaging adheres to the original intention of bringing people the impression of images, and always shares the impression with fans and grows together with you"

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Ricoh special edition camera

(Image credit: Ricoh)
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Ricoh special edition camera

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Ricoh special edition camera

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Ricoh special edition camera

(Image credit: Ricoh)

The GRowING brand also aims to raise money for young people. For every product that is sold from the GRowING project, Ricoh has promised to donate 200 Yuan to "help young people grow up, so that young people can see a different world, embrace excitement, and grow". 

This isn't the first time that Ricoh has produced a limited edition version of its popular Ricoh GR III camera, as the Street Edition used stylish orange accents to differentiate it from the standard black camera. However this new limited edition takes it a step further with a beautiful new color-way and a philanthropic cause behind its new design. 

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