Panoramic photography made simple

How to create a stitched panoramic image
Even with my widest lens, I couldn’t capture the full sweep of this view. So instead I shot a series of six vertical images and stitched them together using Lightroom’s Photomerge feature (Image credit: Mark Bauer)

Most people love panoramics as they mimic the way we view a vista, with our eyes scanning across the scene. When creating a panoramic, the temptation can be to simply crop the middle from a single frame, but if you shoot a series of images and ‘stitch’ them together into a single image you will get better results with more resolution, a wider angle of view and less distortion.

It’s a two-stage process to create a stitched panorama. Firstly you need to shoot the images, having chosen a suitable scene; look for strong interest along the horizon and a clear focal point. Then you need to combine the images you’ve captured. The best photo editing software is available for this, but excellent results can be obtained using Adobe Lightroom, Photoshop or Photoshop Elements. 

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Mark Bauer
Professional photographer

Mark Bauer has been a full-time landscape photographer since the early 2000s. As well as being a regular contributor to the UK photographic press, he is the author of seven books, including the best-selling The Landscape Photography Workshop.

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