5-minute photo tips: Avoiding overexposure using filters

(Image credit: Karolina Konsur)

Neutral density filters are like sunglasses for your camera, reducing the total amount of light that reaches the camera sensor through the lens, without affecting the color rendering. Incorporating the best ND filters into your workflow has the advantage that you can capture moving elements, such as clouds or waves, with a longer exposure time to highlight the movement smoothly without overexposing the shot. 


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Karolina Konsur

Karolina Konsur is a landscape photographer from Gdansk, Poland, who specializes in seascape and long-exposure photography. Photography has been her passion for many years, allowing Karolina to constantly discover new places and capture unique moments in the frame.  Her photographic work has attracted a large international audience, having been awarded in prestigious photo competitions, published in magazines, and presented at exhibitions.

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