Belkin Connect USB-C 11-in-1 Multiport Dock review

The USB-C hub that offers a little bit of everything

Belkin Connect USB-C 11-in-1 Multiport Dock on a wooden surface
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Digital Camera World Verdict

The Belkin Connect USB-C 11-in-1 Multiport dock is perfect if you have peripherals with a wide variety of different connections. This dock covers everything. The downside to that is that it doesn't really do any of those things particularly well. The USB-A ports, for example, only allow transfer speeds of up to 5Gbps. The build quality is high with a sturdy metal and plastic case that is robust enough to withstand most knocks. The shape of the case allows for this dock to sit nicely underneath the back of a laptop for more ergonomic typing.


  • +

    All types of port

  • +

    100W pass-through power

  • +

    4K with HDMI


  • -

    No Thunderbolt technology

  • -

    Only one USB-C port

  • -

    Slow USB-A ports

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The Belkin Connect 11-in-1 dock has a wide array of ports including a 3.5mm audio input, a VGA port, an SD 3.0 card reader, a microSD 3.0 card reader, a Gigabit Ethernet port, two USB-A 3.0 ports, USB-A 2.0 port, 4K display port 1.2, 4K HDMI 1.4 and a USB C PD (power delivery) port.

(Image credit: Paul Hatton / Digital Camera World)

Belkin Connect 11-in-1 Dock: Specifications

Display handling / Resolution: Single 4K through HDMI, DisplayPort, and VGA video ports, Dual Display HDMI+DP 3840x2160 @30Hz, Triple display 1280x720 @60Hz
Thunderbolt 4: No
Compatibility: USB-C and USB-A
Charging: 100W
Cable Lock: No
Dimensions: 90 x 23 x 162 mm
Weight: 348.8 g
Total Ports: 11
Ports: 1x SD 3.0 card reader, 1x MicroSD 3.0 card reader, 1x USB-A 3.0 1.2, 1x USB-A 2.0, 1x USB-C PD, 1x 4K HDMI 1.4, 1x 4K DisplayPort 1.2, 1x VGA, 1x Ethernet, 1x 3.5mm audio in/out
Power: USB-C (built-in)

Belkin Connect 11-in-1 Dock: Design & Handling

One of the most obvious things about the Connect 11-in-1 multiport dock is that it doesn't look like most other docks. This is because it's been designed to also act as a laptop stand, pushing the back of your laptop higher for better ergonomics when typing. This also has the added benefit of pushing all the cables to the back of your laptop and partially out of sight. It doesn't have to be used in this way but that is very much the intention behind the design.

The case itself is mostly metal with two small side panels made of black plastic. It very much follows Belkin's latest design ethos with curved edges and a grey and black design. The case itself is quite thin but this by no means affects its durability or robust characteristics. The case can't be flexed at all and at this weight sits nicely on the desk or firmly underneath any laptop. A rubber strip on the top provides a grippy connection between the dock and the laptop. Two rubber strips on the base give a similar connection but this time between dock and desk. I found these grips perfectly sufficient for keeping everything in place.

(Image credit: Paul Hatton / Digital Camera World)

Belkin Connect 11-in-1 Dock: Performance

This Connect Multiport dock performs fine when it comes to its monitor connections and SD/Micro SD card readers. This continues to be true with the 1Gb Ethernet port. It is unfortunately significantly let down by the USB transfer speeds topping out at 5Gbps. This just isn't enough for video editors working with 4K or 8K files and is far from ideal if you're moving files around SSDs or external hard drives regularly.

(Image credit: Paul Hatton / Digital Camera World)

The USB-C laptop connection is hard-wired into the dock and provides 100 watts of pass-through charging. This will be sufficient for most laptops.

Multiple displays can be connected using either the HDMI 1.4 port or the Display Port. Both of 4K and enable dual 4K output.

External devices such as mobile phones can be connected through the single USB-C port or the three USB-A ports. These offer a maximum of 5Gbps data transfer speeds which falls woefully short from the latest Thunderbolt technology of 40Gbps and is half what the USB 3.2 Gen 2 interface can provide.

Photographers and video editors will be pleased with the inclusion of SD and MicroSD 3.0 card reader ports. Stable connectivity is made possible through the 1Gb Ethernet Port.

(Image credit: Paul Hatton / Digital Camera World)

Belkin Connect 11-in-1 Dock: Final Verdict

Belkin's Connect USB-C 11-in-1 Multiport Dock seems to be bridging the gap for users who are not too concerned about data transfer speeds but need a wide range of different connection types to make their desk setup work. USB transfer speeds of 5Gbps will be insufficient for data-hungry users. 

The inclusion of an HDMI port and a Display Port enables dual 4K display which is fantastic. There is also a legacy VGA port for the occasions that you just need to plug in a really old monitor. Creatives will love the SD and MicroSD ports for transferring their photos and videos across.

(Image credit: Paul Hatton / Digital Camera World)

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