Zenfolio launches PhotoRefine service to cull your photos "in minutes"

(Image credit: PhotoRefine.ai)

Website building platform Zenfolio has just launched an innovative photo culling and editing tool that uses advance artificial intelligence to sort and select your best images. PhotoRefine.ai is designed to help photographers cut down their workflow time by automatically organizing similar images and rating them based on set parameters including focus, expression and prominence in the picture.

As one of the best website builders for photographers, Zenfolio’s services are made specifically for image creators and PhotoRefine.ai is described by Zenfolio as "An advanced technology solution to better manage the ever-increasing number of photos."

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Many photographers would agree that one of the most time consuming tasks in the editing process is culling photos – especially when you have thousands to sift through. Checking each face in group photos to ensure no one has their eyes closed and everyone is in focus isn’t a quick job, but PhotoRefine aims to take away that stress.

To ensure privacy and security, images are imported and analyzed locally on the photographers computer rather than being uploaded to a cloud-style website. Using cutting-edge technology, PhotoRefine.ai is able to turn a task that would take hours or cost hundreds of dollars to outsource into a task that takes just minutes. 

CEO, John Loughlin said, “Zenfolio again is leading the way by introducing exclusive, advanced AI technology to professional photographers. The launch of PhotoRefine.ai is the next step in helping photographers operate more efficiently and grow their businesses through the power of emerging technologies. Zenfolio works hard to enable photographers to spend more time behind the lens and less time behind the desk.”

Photographers already paying for the  Zenfolio Pro Suit web-building package will be able to access the PhotoRefine.ai feature for no added cost while anyone on the Portfolio Plus or Portfolio plan will be able to use it for an extra $7 a month billed annually. It’s not clear whether the service is available to non-Zenfolio users and a price isn’t listed for how much PhotoRefine.ai would cost by itself but perhaps this is the next step for the service. 

As they say, time is money and anyway you can save time – you save money so if PhotoRefine.ai works as well as it says, it could revolutionize the workflow process for photographers. 

To find out more about Zenfolio plans and pricing, head to the website. We'll be trying out the service soon to see if it lives up to expectations.

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Hannah Rooke
Staff Writer

Having studied Journalism and Public Relations at the University of the West of England Hannah developed a love for photography through a module on photojournalism. She specializes in Portrait, Fashion and lifestyle photography but has more recently branched out in the world of stylized product photography. For the last 3 years Hannah has worked at Wex Photo Video as a Senior Sales Assistant using her experience and knowledge of cameras to help people buy the equipment that is right for them. With 5 years experience working with studio lighting, Hannah has run many successful workshops teaching people how to use different lighting setups.