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Your Digital Camera 238 download

Digital Camera 238
(Image credit: Future)

The virtual disc for Digital Camera 238 includes 77 minutes of video training; a Sky Pack with 25 sky photos, for replacing skies in your landscape photos; a light-painting kit with 107 screens to light still-life scenes with your smartphone; a 254-page Buyer's Guide PDF; and start files for selected tutorials.

Download the disc for Digital Camera 238

This download has been compressed to make it quicker to download. After downloading it, double-click to decompress it. If your computer doesn't have unzipping software, download 7-Zip, which is a free tool designed for this job.

The virtual disc is formatted in a special way so that it mounts on your computer Desktop in the same way as a physical CD or DVD. You should just be able to double-click the ISO file inside the folder, but instructions are provided if this doesn't work.