You won't believe the price of Broncolor's new power pack and flash head combo

Satos battery pack and Pulso L flash head
(Image credit: Broncolor)

Broncolor has announced a new premium power pack and flash head lighting kit. Comprised of a new Satos battery pack and Pulso L flash head, Broncolor says the pairing is the result of five years' development and is claiming the Satos battery to be the "most advanced power pack ever".

(Image credit: Broncolor)

Unlike a conventional battery pack, Satos is based around power slots that can be equipped with power supplies, high-performance batteries, or a combination of both, to suit the power availability in which you're shooting. It enables the set-up to be used in a studio setting or out on location, and in areas of lower mains voltage (110V) or unreliable power grids the batteries can be used to supplement/stabilize the grid supply.

(Image credit: Broncolor)

An "industrial grade" 5.7-inch multi-touch screen is used to control the power pack, or alternatively there's a rotary/push encoder, conventional buttons, or even an app interface. The control system is said to "allow every parameter [to] be adjusted to the smallest detail", while Broncolor is claiming the highest consistency in color temperature over the whole 12-stop power range.

(Image credit: Broncolor)

The Satos power pack is capable of up to 3200 joules (3200W/s) of flash output, making it immensely powerful, and the output can be distributed independently over three separate channels. A more compact 1600-joule power pack is also available. In addition to separate power control, each channel can be individually configured for color temperature, delay, or sequencing. Consequently this configuration does away with the need for multiple power packs when triggering alternating flashes.

(Image credit: Broncolor)

The Pulso L flash head is capable of bidirectional communication between lamp and power pack, and includes all necessary controls on the head itself for regular setting adjustment - Broncolor has engineered the user interface with everyday ease of use in mind, via a small but clear 1.69-inch OLED display. The lamp is capable of flash or continuous light output, with the bi-color LED array adjustable in color temperature from 2800K to 6800K in continuous light mode. The flash tube position can be adjusted via a rotary wheel, while a metal housing and durable, industrial-grade cables ensuring durability. As with the Satos power pack, Pulso L is also available in 1600- and 3200-joule output ratings.

(Image credit: Broncolor)

The Satos battery pack and Pulso L flash head will be available at the start of July, but you'd better start saving now. The smaller 1600-joule Satos 1600 will set you back a cool 14,695 Euros (approx. $15,740 USD), with the 3200-joule version commanding an even stronger 18,895 Euros (approx. US$20,240)! 

The 1600-joule and 3200-joule versions of the Pulso L lamp will cost 2,730 and 3,035 Euros (approx. $2,924 and $3,251 USD), respectively.

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