Want to turn pro? You need the first ever business planner for photographers!

Phox Planner
(Image credit: Phox Planner)

Whether you're a working professional or a keen hobbyist, most of us wish that we were a little bit more organized when it comes to our photography. The most successful pros who make a living from photography aren't only those with an eye for a good picture, or even those with the best professional cameras, but the ones who know how to do business – to balance projects, keep on top of a schedule, manage accounts and just make sure that their everyday to-do list gets done.

Of course, there are many generalist productivity apps, diaries and planners already out there, but two UK photographers have recently launched The Phox Planner, which is a 90-Day diary and productivity planner for photography entrepreneurs. 

Phox Planner

"We are Kate Darkins and Jo Hughes. We are professional photographers first and foremost, and have run our own successful businesses for nearly 15 years each. We primarily created The Phox Planner for ourselves, after years of searching for the perfect notebook, diary or planner for photographers!" (Image credit: Vicki Knight)

Meet the founders

UK-based photographers Kate Darkins and Jo Hughes started on the Phox planner back in 2020 when their professional photography work ground to a temporary halt in the first lockdown. They'd been looking for the ideal planner for photographers for years and never found it – so they decided to create one themselves!

"We had always wanted to create something together professionally, and we finally had an opportunity where we had some time to be creative outside our businesses and not just in them,"  they say. "The planner was built from our experience of running our own photography businesses and juggling family life. We have always been as passionate about organization and planning as we are about photography.  We created the planner for other photography entrepreneurs like us, who want to get organized, focused and motivated.  We hope it helps spark something in other photographers like it did for us."

The name Phox stands for Photographic excellence – something we're all arguable striving for. "Our planner is different from a typical planner as it designed specifically for photographers (by photographers!).  It brings structure to running a photography business with weekly planning and review sections, a daily schedule and tasks lists specific to photographers. The planner guides you through how to create a system of habits that we know work to maintain a successful business."

Phox Planner

(Image credit: Phox Planner)

Phox Planner

(Image credit: Phox Planner)

The PHOX Planner has been created for photography entrepreneurs who want to get organized, focused and motivated, and it looks jazzy too! 

Essentially it's got a calendar section with 12 week-to-view diary pages, weekly roundups, plus pages of helpful advice on how to be productive and the steps required to build momentum in your career. Expect lots of bright colors, inspirational quotes and a hardback cover.

The Phox Planner is out now for £25 in the UK and available to order on the official website.

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