3 Legged Thing makes its three most advanced tripods even more versatile

(Image credit: Three Legged Thing)

British tripod manufacturer 3 Legged Thing has introduced new versions of its three most pro-spec tripods: Leo, Albert and Winston.

All three Pro Range 2.0 tripods feature carbon fibre legs, all of which can be detached and replaced with optional stubby legs to create a beefy tabletop tripod, while one of the main legs can be paired with the head to form a monopod or boom arm.

(Image credit: Three Legged Thing)

The trio are treated to knurled lock caps and collar for better leverage and grip, while new leg locks internally redesigned to improve rigidity and stability. The leg locks are also weight-balanced to help lower the centre of gravity to give greater stability. Up top is a refined and contoured Tri-mount plate that enables several accessories to be attached. You also get a removable and reversible centre column on all tripods to assist with low-level shooting. Rubber 'Bootz' feet are provided and are removable so you can also fit optional spiked are claw feet.

(Image credit: Three Legged Thing)

Leo 2.0 and Albert 2.0 both boast a huge 30kg max load rating, while Winston can stand strong under a whopping 40kg.

All three tripods are available as kits or as stand-alone tripods. Leo 2.0 kits include a brand new Arca-Swiss-compatible AirHed Pro Lever head which has a removable and interchangeable lever locking clamp mechanism. Albert and Winston 2.0 kits come with an AirHed Pro ballhead. This uses a knurled twist clamp to secure the release plate into position. Both AirHeds have a panning base which enables 360-degree rotation.

(Image credit: Three Legged Thing)

Choose from two colour options: Earth Bronze & Ocean Blue, or Metallic Slate Grey with hints of British Racing Green.

3 Legged Thing's Pro Range 2.0 tripods will be available soon, priced:

LEO 2.0 (tripod only) - £219.99/$259.99
LEO 2.0 Kit (with AirHed Pro Lever) - £289.99/$339.99.
ALBERT 2.0 (tripod only) - £299.99/$349.99 
ALBERT 2.0 Kit (with AirHed Pro) - £349.99 /$449.99. 
WINSTON 2.0 (tripod only) - £329.99/$379.99 
WINSTON 2.0 Kit (with AirHed Pro) - £379.99/$479.99

(Image credit: Three Legged Thing)


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Row 0 - Cell 0 Leo 2.0Albert 2.0Winston 2.0
MaterialCarbon FibreCarbon FibreCarbon Fibre
Max Height (with AirHed)1.47 m / 57.7 "1.9 m / 75.1 "1.94 m / 76.4 "
Max Height (without AirHed)1.38 m / 54.3 "1.82 m / 71.6 "1.85 m / 73 "
Folded Length374 mm / 14.7 "431 mm / 16.9 "612 mm / 24 "
Leg Sections553
Column Sections231
Max Load Capacity30 kg / 66 lb30 kg / 66 lb40 kg / 88 lb
Tripod Weight1.52 kg / 3.35 lb1.87 kg / 4.12 lb1.73 kg / 3.81 lbs
Kit Weight (inc AirHed)1.85 kg / 4.08 lb2.19 kg / 4.82 lb2.05 kg / 4.51 lb

(Image credit: Three Legged Thing)

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