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This photograph is a mind-blowing 546 megapixels

This photograph is a mind-blowing 546 megapixels
(Image credit: Vaonis)

French start-up Vaonis has photographed the largest nebula in our galaxy, the Carina, in stunning detail. The remarkable 546 megapixel photograph comprises of no less than 208,000 individual photographs stacked together and took 336 hours to complete from start to finish.

The image was created by a Stellina digital telescope using an unprecedented amount of ‘automatic mosaic-ing’ says Vaonis. The company adds this will be a feature included in a future 2021 update so anyone with a Stellina device will be able to join in on the fun too.

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(Image credit: Vaonis)

The image shows the region 7000 light years from Earth and depicts the Running Chicken nebula (left), Statue of Liberty nebula (middle) and the Carina nebula (right) and you can zoom in to see them in all their glorious hi-resolution detail and zoom in here.

(Image credit: Vaonis)

Keep your eyes peeled for latest telescope Kickstarter campaign from Vaonis, as more details are to be revealed on October 1st. See the Kickstarter details here.

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