This giant tripod is taller than the world's tallest man

Gitzo Giant tripod
(Image credit: Sonder Creative)

Ever felt like you just couldn't get a high enough perspective on what you're photographing? Well Gitzo might just have the solution. Gitzo currently stocks the Gitzo Giant GT5563GS tripod – and it certainly lives up the name. 

The Gitzo Giant is one of the flagship tripods available from the company. With a maximum height of a whopping 278cm (109.4"), this tripod is quite literally taller than the tallest man in the world. 

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With a hefty price tag of $1,549, the Gitzo Giant (opens in new tab) sits in quite a niche category. Once you extend all six sections on the tripod legs the maximum height is 278cm. Meanwhile, for an additional $299, you can even add a center column (opens in new tab) that will increase the maximum height to an incredible 328cm. If that's still not enough for you, then you can add the Gitzo GS5513XLS Telescopic Center Column which will increase the total maximum height to 486cm. At that lofty height, you'll be able to retire your drone!

However, it's not all about achieving great heights with the Gitzo Giant. This tripod offers a great deal of versatility, with a minimum working height of only 10cm. This tripod enables you to get super low to the ground, giving photographers the ultimate flexibility. 

But how much can this tripod hold? Well, quite a lot! The weight capacity of the Gitzo Giant is an extremely generous 40kg, allowing a comfortable degree of mounting options. And it does this while only weighing a respectable 3.56kg.

The example images above demonstrate the vast difference in perspective one can achieve using this tripod. The minimum height of 10cm means you can achieve a super low perspective. However, once you extend all six sections of the tripod legs, you can also enjoy a towering view of the same scene. 

A tripod such as this would probably serve its purpose at regular heights for most of us, although having that extra flexibility to extend it to such height could offer some interesting options for many creatives. 

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