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Stuck at home? Grab the digital editions of Australian Camera and ProPhoto mag!

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We're all hunkering down indoors to help curb the spread of the coronavirus pandemic. That means there's a lot of extra hours in the day that we could put to use – and it doesn't have to be spent watching Netflix or completing old DIY projects.

Photographers of all skill levels can find excellent company in Australia's premier photography magazines, with plenty of news, reviews and tips in both ProPhoto and Australian Camera.

There's hours of reading material in each, showcasing the best there is in the photography world, with reviews of the latest kits, awards and the best advice to improve your shooting skills.

Find out how to compose your images for the most pleasing effect or learn what it takes to get started in bird photography – there's something for everyone in ProPhoto and Australian Camera.

Advanced photographers can find the digital editions of ProPhoto on Zinio right here; beginners and enthusiasts will discover Australian Camera caters to their needs perfect, with digital editions also available on Zinio here.

Prefer the reassuring physicality of a print edition? Both ProPhoto and Australian Camera are available for subscription on, with free delivery direct to your door.

ProPhoto March/April issue on sale now!

The latest issue of ProPhoto takes a deep dive into what makes the Canon EOS-1D X Mark III a great pro-level camera. Plus, find out how viewers perceive your images so you can improve your composition, and go on a wildlife safari with the top 25 images from the Wildlife Photographer of the Year: Lumix People's Choice Awards. Then, travel down memory lane with filmmaker Jack McCoy.

Digital editions of ProPhoto are available on Zinio right now.

Australian Camera March/April issue on sale now!

Australian Camera's newest issue introduces you to two new cameras – one DSLR and one mirrorless – while taking two other full-frame mirrorless cameras on a full test run. Find out what it takes to get started in bird photography and how to choose between a DSLR and a mirrorless camera when you're shopping for new gear. Plus, get a history lesson with Leica and Pentax, looking back at how both companies have built their brands over the years.

Australian Camera is available to read digitally on Zinio right now.