Revealed at the Edge is a new coffee table book by photographer Allison Davis

Images from new book Revealed on the Edge by photographer and author Allison Davis
(Image credit: Magg Shots Photography)

New book Revealed at the Edge by Allison Davis is a spectacle that entails a 30-day photographic journey of the American West Coast in a search for beauty and purpose amidst the global pandemic during the fall of 2020. 

Davis travelled along multiple West Coast areas of the United States from Blaine, WA to San Diego, CA. Revealed at the Edge features more than 250 landscapes, allowing viewers to see the sights through Davis's eyes that bring beauty into focus. 

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The collection of vibrant and stunning works by Davis provide a window into the 3116 miles of coastline passed on the journey she took along the west coast with additional insights that will undoubtedly inspire the inner adventurer inside us all and add wanderlust into any home. What will you discover at the edge?

The first print run of Revealed at the Edge was commissioned via a kickstarter campaign that raised $38,000. Davis herself is a witness to the beauty of life as a photographer, author, designer and traveler while developing a love for wedding photography. After losing her wedding business during the early stages of the pandemic, Davis found her artistic passion suffering and stuck between four walls.

Magg Shots Photography (Image credit: Magg Shots Photography)

The grand vision to capture the west coast in just 30 days lead Davis to car-camp, beginning a quest to photograph natural beauty during times of uncertainty and loss. Documenting her time during the creation of Revealed at the Edge through tracking images by the journey mileage, the book results in a heartfelt and aesthetically pleasing universal story that encourages us to discover more of ourselves when difficult challenges arise. 

The story of Revealed at the Edge has been explored further by Lampstand Story Co and can be viewed in the video (above). 

Her first fine art photographic coffee table book, the 560-page 9x12 art piece by Davis features 70 essays and heart-felt reflections and stories written from an artists vision that give insight into the raw landscapes of the coast. Revealed at the Edge was curated from over 28,000 images captured by Davis, with 7,000 edited images distilled to over 250 landscapes in just 30 days of travel!

Magg Shots Photography (Image credit: Magg Shots Photography)

Allison Davis shares that "This was a journey to create & be creative. To be a witness to life & beauty amidst an incredibly challenging time collectively & individually...To find my voice as an artist after losing the business I'd created over the last 13 years. I'm thrilled to share the artwork I created during this adventure. I hope it will inspire you to see the world differently, to chase your dreams & to journey well throughout your own adventure."

The book Revealed at the Edge is available for pre-order via email registration directly on the book's website. 

(Image credit: Magg Shots Photography)

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