Profoto B10 Plus gets powered up for portable lighting

Profoto B10 Plus

Photographers travelling on location are often presented with a problem - they might be working in complex lighting and therefore require a powerful flash, yet they are weight and space-restricted. 

The Profoto B10 was pitched to bridge these requirements and now the B10 Plus is poised to make life for the working flash photographer even easier. 

Despite being slightly larger in size than B10, the newest addition to the Profoto family offers double the power of that model at 500Ws, with an impressive minimum recycle duration of 0.05 seconds. This broadens the flexibility of the B10 system and should allow users to more easily prioritise what matters most to them - absolute portability or increased lighting options. 

The B10 Plus features an easy to operate interface

The B10 Plus features an easy to operate interface

Similarly to the B10, the Plus is cordless for maximum ease of operation, while it's physical dimensions are similar to that of an interchangeable camera lens, making it simple to pack and store the unit in a standard camera bag, alongside the rest of a location kit. At only 10cm in diameter and 23.5cm long it is significantly smaller than many traditional strobes.  

The B10 Plus is compatible with a full range of Profoto system accessories

The B10 Plus is compatible with a full range of Profoto system accessories

Other than offering a dramatic output advantage over a small speedlight flash (around ten times greater), the B10 Plus provides access to a continuous light source. It features temperature-controllable continuous illumination, with a maximum output of 2500 lumens - perfect for both location stills and video work, adding to its versatility.  

Both flash and continuous lighting settings are available

Both flash and continuous lighting settings are available

As well as being bright and small, the B10 Plus has an ideal battery life, enabling up to 200 flashes at the maximum setting or 1 hour and 15 minutes of uninterrupted continuous output. The battery can be fully recharged in around 90 minutes. 

We call it ‘more power of small’ because there are more possibilities to be creative with light in so many more ways. The opportunity to let your imagination run riot on any location

Göran Marén, Profoto Product Manager

The B10 Plus is as truly modern flash, featuring the full range of expected connectivity options. It can be triggered remotely using the Profoto A1 or A1X as a commander or by using the dedicated Profoto Air Remote, which is available in variants to fit cameras from all of the main brands. 

Smart connectivity allows settings to be controlled remotely, using the Profoto smartphone application.

Light settings can be controlled from the Profoto app

Light settings can be controlled from the Profoto app

The Profoto B10 Plus is available now priced £1795 / $2095 for a single head. Twin-head kits are also available.

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