Photography enthusiasts, Benro needs you to name its new tripod!

Benro Tortoise 34C
(Image credit: Australian Camera Magazine)

Submit a suggestion on what you think Chinese manufacturer, Benro, should name its latest yet-to-be-revealed tripod. The company says it's looking for a product name that reflects the characteristics of being Strong, Solid, and Portable.

What's in it for you? Benro says it will gift the creator of the chosen title one of these tripods for free as a reward, but also with their name laser engraved on it! That's pretty cool, and if you want to be in with a chance of winning it then submit your idea or be a part of the voting process before December 5th, 2022. 

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Benro is part of what is called the MAC group, alongside other well-known brands such as Mefoto and Tenba, and the company manufactures well-made tripods, heads, gimbals, and accessories for photographers that tend to be pretty reliable. 

The fact that Benro is asking photographers for input on the naming of its next product shows that it really does value its customers and their feedback, and isn't afraid to take suggestions instead of going it alone. 

If you have an idea for a tripod name that you think Benro will approve of, then be sure to enter it via the official website and you'll need to leave your email address too to be notified if your suggestion is the chosen one. 

Can you help name Benro's tripod?

Can you help name Benro's tripod? (Image credit: Benro)

I opted for "StiffStick" as my suggestion if you see it among the list of ideas, but I couldn't help but vote for "Mjölnir" as my favorite choice for the tripod name – Marvel fans will get it. At the time of writing, this choice only has 4 votes, placed at number 7 below the current top choice of "Titan" so be sure to show it some love if you're a God of Thunder supporter.

While I can understand the appeal of the name Titan for a tripod, it still seems a little commonly used in strong product naming, so hopefully, other photographers can contribute some fresher ideas to help out Benro, and ideally offer something better than StiffStick which is the best my brain can do after five hours of staring at screens.

Best of luck to those who enter to be in with the chance of winning a laser engraved tripod from Benro, we're excited to see what the winning name will be.  

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