Photographer makes friends with a fox cub in this adorable TikTok video

(Image credit: Marius Birkeland)

Ready for your daily dose of adorableness? A wildlife photographer based in Norway recently had an incredibly cute encounter with a fox cub when out on a photoshoot. Jens Birkeland was capturing images of a fox cub when it decided to steal behind the camera and say hello. Luckily, fellow photographer Marius Birkeland was on-hand to film the entire interaction on his camera phone and post the subsequent video onto TikTok. 

The video shows the fox cub cautiously approaching Jens Birkeland, who is lying on the ground and waiting to take photos. At one point, it even tries to playfully bite and drag Jens' trousers!

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Eventually, the fox cub makes its way in front of Jens' camera, who takes advantage of the fantastic opportunity and captures some close-up photos in (what sounds like) burst mode.

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attacked by a fox cub @jendooor

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Somewhat predictably, this incredible video has quickly racked up the views. At the time of writing, it's had 20.9 million views, five million likes and 18,800 comments. Other wildlife photographers may take notice of these stunning social media figures, as it definitely shows how valuable behind-the-scenes footage can be for growing a following (Marius, who posted the video on his @mabir83 (opens in new tab) TikTok account, currently boasts over 110,000 followers). 

Both Marius (opens in new tab) and Jens Birkeland (opens in new tab) are the owners of Vesterålen Tours (opens in new tab), which offers a range of photo tours (opens in new tab) in Norwegian regions including Vesterålen; Sortland, Hadsel, Bø, Øksnes, Andøy, Lødingen and parts of Lofoten. Some of the photos tours available include northern lights tours, wildlife tours, Lofoten tours and even sea eagle safari. 

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