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Panasonic's latest 8K camera comes with an organic sensor and on-sensor ND filter

It's inevitable that we are going to see an influx of cameras that can shoot in 8K, given this is the next format TV and movies will be filmed, but it will be hard to beat Panasonic's latest effort.

The Panasonic AK-SHB810 is an 8K camera that boasts a world's first - the first 8K cam to come packing an organic sensor. What does that exactly mean? Well, the sensor has been equipped with two layers, one is made up of organic photoconductive film and then there's a separate circuit. 

Making it this way, according to Panasonic, means that "with each structure completely independent, both photoelectric conversion and charge accumulation are efficiently compatible." 

It also means that Panasonic can add things like high-speed noise cancelation and the area of the sensor that receives light has been enlarged so dynamic range is increased and contrast enhanced. 

A shutter with global appeal

Another feature that will improve image quality is the global shutter. When the camera uses a shutter speed of 120th of a second or above, the whole sensor is read. As all the pixels are exposed, this stops thing like skew distortion in high-speed shots and flash band creeping into the shot. 

Perhaps one of the more useful features is the addition of an on-sensor ND filter that's managed by the ability to change the sensitivity setting of an image by controlling the voltage applied to the organic thin film on the sensor. Heady stuff. 

Panasonic is looking to sell this camera in 2019 - perhaps, then, we will see a few at work at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. But that's not the exciting part - that bit is watching the new features that are on this pro cam trickle down to the consumer market in the next few years.

Via Photo Rumors