Nikon Z 9: Best-ever mirrorless! N-Photo 131 on sale today

N-Photo December 2021
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The big news this issue is Nikon’s announcement of the Z 9, its first ‘flagship’ mirrorless, and the specs are truly jaw-dropping, with 120fps, 1/32,000 sec shutter speed, 1000+ Raw bursts, two hours of 8K video, next-generation autofocus and a dazzling 45.7Mp stacked sensor. And we got our hands on it! 

With more and more of ‘normal’ society opening up, enabling such activities as seeing live music, we join photographer Matt Higgs on a rock ’n roll photography masterclass in this issue’s lead feature.

We also join this issue’s Apprentice in an ancient woodland deep in rural Sussex to photograph one of nature’s strangest organisms – fungi – under the expert tutelage of top nature pro Adrian Davies.

 In our Big Test, we put eight lighting options through their paces, including mains and battery-powered studio lights, as well as constant-light LED panels, to see which is best for you.

 In Nikopedia, we examine your Nikon’s inbuilt compositional aids, such as the electronic level and rule of thirds display, as well as explaining how to use NX Studio’s powerful LCH features. Plus we have our usual mix of projects, columnists and more. And don't miss our Christmas Gift Guide – with perfect pressies for photographers, whatever your budget!

(Image credit: Future)

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