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New issue: Digital Photographer magazine Issue 212 is now on sale

Issue 212 of Digital Photographer magazine is available now – in print and as a digital edition 

In our cover feature this issue we take a look at travel photography and the art of exploring new places. Find out which kit is essential for success, how to plan for a trip, how to capture citylife shots and how to make the most from wild environments, for dramatic images.

Next take a look at Holly Wren's fabulous feature on working with people and become an expert on building a rapport, posing, using the location and overcoming key problems.

Then explore Lauren Scott's feature on producing artistic self portraits. Go far beyond the average selfie and shoot breath-taking images by managing light, using in-camera effects and employing pro software skills.

Plus we have our usual range of reviews, tutorials, interviews and career insight. 

Don't miss out on all of this essential professional-level advice. Get your copy of Digital Photographer now.

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