New Bushnell Core Trail cameras can shoot for up to a year

(Image credit: Bushnell)

Bushnell has announced it’ll be taking the wraps off a seriously impressive-looking quartet of new trail cameras.

The Bushnell Core Trail Cameras are certainly likely to join the best trail cameras for wildlife photography. The range has been designed to be rugged and powerful, able to keep shooting for longer, in all sorts of conditions, to allow a fascinating glimpse into the private world of wildlife. 

There are four models in the new range, so let’s take a closer look at each one.

First up we have the Core Low Glow Trail Camera, which boasts a 100ft night range, a 24MP sensor and a 0.3 second trigger speed. It’s also able to shoot Full HD 1080p video, with audio, and its low-glow LEDs means the light it emits is barely visible to the human eye. Its RRP will be £209.95.

Next there’s the Core No Glow Trail Camera. As the name implies, this camera emits absolutely no light when capturing images, meaning it’s especially good for photographing wild animals without disturbing them. It has an 80ft night range, a 24MP sensor and a 0.3 second trigger speed. It’ll be going for £219.95.

Both of these cameras also boast a battery life of up to one year, providing an unparalleled opportunity to capture the changing seasons and its effect on wildlife.

For a little more shooting power, Bushnell has also announced the Core DS Trail Camera range, with “DS” standing for “Dual Sensor”. These cameras, as you might expect, have two sensors – one for capturing daytime shots, the other optimised for shooting at night.

(Image credit: Bushnell)

The Core DS Low Glow Trail Camera has a 100ft night range, and acording to Bushnell it will “capture high contrast, night time images with no washout.” It has a 30MP sensor and a 0.2 second trigger speed, with dim LEDs that are barely visible to the human eye. It shoots 1080p Full HD video at 60fps, with audio too. Not too shabby! Its RRP will be £299.95.

There’s also the Core DS No Glow Trail Camera, which has very similar specs but emits absolutely no light at all and has an 80ft night range. This one will go for £329.95.

All these cameras will first be on display at BirdFair, running from the 16th to the 18th of August, 2019.

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