Mother bear and three adorable cubs caught on camera in Estonian forest

Bears caught on camera in Estonian forest
(Image credit: Riigimets/ YouTube)

Numerous bear families and other forms of wildlife have been caught on camera roaming a forestry in Järva County, central Estonia, that has been carefully maintained, grown and managed by the State Forest Management Centre (RMK). 

One of over 18 forest districts in Estonia, with at least one in each county, the commission camera was installed in the Väätsa hunting district at the start of April, and has since captured some amazing footage of its surrounding neighbors.

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Multiple different bear families have been spotted passing through this forest district area over the last month, having been caught on camera. Wildlife photographer and zoologist, Tiit Hunt, oversaw and project managed the installation of the bear camera and implied that there is no shortage of bears in the Väätsa and Lõõla areas of the forest district. 

On May 23 2022, the bears in the below footage uploaded by RMK to YouTube, are said to have spent about half an hour in close proximity to the bear camera and appear to be scavenging for food around the forest trees. It's unclear as to exactly what they're eating, but a report from ERR News suggests it could be lard. 

Tiit Hunt notes that: "At least four bear families have been moving around the area'. The young bear cub sons from this footage were supposedly born last winter and are said to still be breastfeeding from their mother as well as and eating fresh juicy shoots found on the state forestry commission land. 

Other wildlife, including a wolf, have previously been caught by the recently installed forest camera and  Hunt said an altercation was had between a lynx and a racoon dog, with the lynx emerging as the victor. The channel has also uploaded footage taken close-up of an eagle's nest as well as streams of its camera feeds that can be watched live via the platform. 

Estonia is one of the most forest-rich countries in the world with approximately half of its land area (2.3 million hectares) covered by forest. Roughly 45% of Estonian forests belong to the Estonian state and are under the care and maintenance of the RMK. It's exciting to think what wild animals could be spotted with this latest camera installment and if the multiple bear families will ever cross paths on camera. 

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