Google Pixel 3 camera: 5 things to know about its Super Res Zoom feature

The Google Pixel 3 has arrived and it’s a phone that is here to do one big thing: redefine camera phone photography as we know it.

Its among some heavyweight competition, though, with the recently announced Huawei Mate 20 Pro using its team-up with Leica to great effect and the iPhone XS adding in-camera editing and processor prowess to its shots. 

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Marc Chacksfield

A technology journalist who has been in the industry for 17 years, Marc is the former editor-in-chief of TechRadar and has also steered the ship for technology brands including T3, Tom's Hardware and Tom's Guide, and is currently the director of Shortlist Media and co-owner of 

An expert in the field of camera phones and mobile tech, Marc has been a long-time specialist when it comes to phone reviews, hands-on coverage, reviews and rumors. As a frequent visitor to big trade shows like CES, he has also had boots on the ground for the latest camera announcements and breaking developments in fields such as 8K video.