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Get a gigantic 512GB microSD card for just $63.99 (and never run out of memory again)

SanDisk Amazon Black Friday deals
(Image credit: SanDisk)

You can never have too much digital storage available, and with this Black Friday price cut from Amazon there's never been a better time to max out your capacity...

We've spotted some great discounts on SanDisk memory cards – with some cards being reduced by up to 60%! And it is the big capacity cards that have caught our eye... with some 512GB microSD and SD cards at great prices.  So perfect for your camera, drone, Nintendo Switch, or your smartphone.

Whatever type of camera you use and whichever image format you favour, there’ll be something for all types of photographer in this one-day deal from Amazon. 

Act quickly, though, as these prices won’t be around for long – until midnight tomorrow to be exact!

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See below for the biggest memory card discounts that have caught our eye.

Whether you want to capture 4K UHD video, or need insanely fast and uncompromising image quality from your DSLR, advanced digital or HD video camera, these Black Friday memory card deals are absolute bargains.

If you need to know more about read and write speeds, memory card formats and video class ratings, just check out our handy guide to the best memory cards is sure to help, as will our guide to the best microSD cards.

However, if you know the kind of thing you’re after, then why not take advantage of this one-day deal? Happy shopping!