Fujifilm faces lawsuit over falsely advertising X-Pro3 as being durable

Fujifilm X-Pro3
(Image credit: Fujifilm X-Pro3)

Fujifilm is being sued for falsely advertising the X-Pro3 as having reliable durability. The issue is caused by alleged ‘defective ribbon connector cables" that cause the camera's LCD screen to not work properly. 

When we reviewed the Fujifilm X-Pro3 we felt that its design was likely to divide opinion among photographers, but didn't notice anything that might create cause for concern when it comes to durability. So what's going on?

Jethro Inong filed the class action lawsuit at the United States District Court Southern District of New York, White Plains Courthouse. He has accused Fujifilm of advertising the Fujifilm X-Pro3 as being “a professional rangefinder camera for photographers on the move who want top-level features, a low profile and reliable durability” despite Inong not finding that to be the case. He claims that the X-Pro3 is not “durable, capable of functioning reliably and remaining in proper working conditions for years to come”

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According to Inong, defective ribbon connector cables have loosened or disconnected causing the viewfinder to glitch or stop working altogether affecting the function and capability of the device. In a court document obtained by Petapixel, the plaintiff claims that "most consumers have encountered this deck and the related issue without warning” and in fact “many experienced the defect unexpectedly once loosening or disconnection occurred” because the connector mechanisms are too weak to withstand normal use. 

In the court document, evidence of other people experiencing the same issue has also been included through screenshots of comments from the Fujifilm X-Pro User Group proving this is an ongoing issue. For this reason, the plaintiff claims he would not have bought the product had he known about this defect and is claiming to award monetary, statuary and/or punitive damages and interest.

Inong is representing more than 100 cases in this class-action lawsuit including all persons in the state of California who purchased the product as well as people from the States of Virginia, North Carolina, Georgia, South Carolina, North Dakota, Nebraska, Idaho, Wyoming, Montana and Alaska who have experienced similar issues. 

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