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FREE Black & White photography eBook with Digital Photographer magazine 231

FREE Black & White photography eBook with Digital Photographer magazine 231
(Image credit: Future)

The new issue of Digital Photographer is out now. 

As the world starts to come out of hibernation we have another amazing issue for you, packed full of pro techniques, advice and insight.

Shoot for the Light

Work with light to get better images in any conditions (Image credit: Future)

The core skill which sets professional photographers apart is their ability to read the light and use its characteristics to best effect. We don't always end up with the light we expected and desired, but using what you have by making the light work for you can ready you to find beauty in all lighting types. From sunset to, harsh midday light, to working is overcast conditions, our feature will help you identify the best qualities of a scene and use these to create masterpieces. 

Why shoot with a CSC?

FREE Black & White photography eBook with Digital Photographer magazine 231

Take advantage of mirrorless and pick the right camera for you. (Image credit: Future)

Next up we have a special feature on switching to mirrorless cameras. We explore every aspect of Compact System Cameras (CSC), looking closely at the technology behind this rapidly expanding corner of the camera market. We examine the relative pros and cons of the camera format, the process of moving from a more traditional DSLR system and hear from the biggest names in the industry currently using CSCs, as they explain why they made the switch.  

Shoot a Vertorama

Get the best of both worlds with a tall frame, free from conventional distortion.   (Image credit: Future)

Next up we were on location in Barcelona (pre pandemic of course) at the famous La Sagrada Familia, to show you how to capture a tall subject with a longer lens, side-stepping the usual issues of converging verticals. We'll cover both the shooting and editing steps, from setup to final shot. 

Plus we've got the usual tutorials, interviews, insight and opinion, from a range of experienced professional photographers from across the industry.  It's not to be missed!

Sharper images with creative AF

Get more from autofocus with our guide to alternative AF techniques, for sharper images. (Image credit: Peter Fenech)

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