Feel the attraction: Rogue launches new magnetic flashgun modifiers

Rogue Round Flash Magnetic Modifiers
(Image credit: Rogue)

Flash modifiers are a great way to add creative lighting to your shots, and long-established modifier maker Rogue has just released a new range of magnetic modifiers compatible with popular flashguns.

(Image credit: Rogue)

Rogue Round Flash Magnetic Modifiers have been designed to attach directly to the metal ring mount found on Godox, Geekoto, Westcott, and Profoto A-series round flashes. Alternatively, modifiers can be attached to a typical rectangular-head flashgun via the Rogue Flash Adapter. Available in small or standard sizes, this stretchy silicone mount enables quick attachment to speedlight flashes using a metal ring mount to attach other magnetic modifier components. Each magnetic component incorporates six neodymium magnets to provide a strong attachment force to the flash, while the modifiers themselves are made from impact-resistant materials to withstand drops and conveniently stack together when not in use.

(Image credit: Rogue)

Modifier options include the Rogue Flash Gel Lens, which enables the fitment of color gels to circular flashguns by placing gels between the magnetic Gel Lens. The unique design then safely captures the neodymium magnets and keeps them in place.

(Image credit: Rogue)

The Rogue Flash Grid 45 provides a popular grid angle for spotlighting control when shooting classic portrait or commercial product photography. The grid can be used on its own, or stacked with additional grid/s to further tighten the beam of light.

(Image credit: Rogue)

No flash modifier kit is complete without a good diffuser to soften the otherwise hard light output from a bare flashgun. Like the other modifiers in the new range, the Rogue Flash Diffuser Dome magnetically snaps straight to the flash (or Flash Adapter) and includes the Gel Lens in its base should you want to have softer light with the addition of color correction.

(Image credit: Rogue)

Speaking of which, Rogue Round Flash Gels can be placed between any two magnetic modifier components to add a colour correction or vibrant colours for portrait photography. Available in two sets including an Ultimate Portrait Collection ($34.95) and a Colour Correction Collection ($34.95), their 71.5mm diameter has been designed to fit other round flash modifier systems.

(Image credit: Rogue)

As with Rogue's past flash modifier solutions like the popular FlashBender range, the new Round Flash Modifiers are also available in kits with the most popular modifiers bundled for round flashes or rectangular speedlight flashes. The Rogue Round Flash Kit ($99.95) is for round flashguns only, and comprises the essential light modifiers, including the Rogue Flash Grid 45, Rogue Flash Gel Lens, Rogue Flash Diffuser Dome, 3-Gel Sample Set, and a storage pouch. For photographers using round flashes and rectangular speedlights, the Rogue Round Flash Kit + Rogue Flash Adapter bundle ($129.95) includes all the aforementioned modifiers, plus a Rogue Flash Adapter (standard or small).

Rogue Round Flash modifiers and modifier kits are available now from B&H

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