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Come and join us on our next reader shootout at Bristol Aquarium

The March 2019 issue's reader Shootout visited Stratford - it goes on sale 8 February

We're off to Bristol Aquarium for our next fun photo challenge, on Monday January 28, and are putting a shout out for two lucky readers looking to test their indoor shooting skills. 

Shootout is a regular feature in Digital Camera magazine, and this one is for our April issue, on sale 8 March. Not familiar with the format? Here’s how it works. We invite two enthusiastic photographers to join us on location and then challenge them to shoot the same series of subjects. 

The image below is taken from the February issue, which focused on Cornish fishing villages. To make sure of your copy of Digital Camera every month, subscribe at our online shop from just £12.50 for three months!

Digital Camera reader Shootout 0212 Cornwall

Join us on a reader Shootout and get your photos in print!  

There is no right or wrong image, though – all we're looking for are well-composed photos that offer a creative interpretation of the challenges. 

Speaking of which, there will be a minimum of three challenges to shoot on the day. They will be set in advance, or issued after seeing what we've got to work with at the location. 

We have an afternoon window for this shoot, from 1pm to 5pm, so there's plenty of time to get to Bristol if you're not local to the area. We'll start off with a briefing over lunch before issuing the challenges and setting you on your way through the aquarium. 

Bristol Aquarium offers more than 40 naturally-themed displays for spotting thousands of amazing aquatic creatures. These include puffer fish, piranhas, rays, seahorses, tropical sharks, and much more. You can also watch marine life swim over your head in the Underwater Tunnel. 

Afterwards, you’ll have a few days to edit your shots before submitting them to us for publication. Participants will typically send in up to 10 final images for us to select from. As we only need two final images for each of the challenges in the feature, it's best to prioritise quality over quantity during the editing process. 

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Photo by reader John Barton from Digital Camera Oxford reader Shootout

John Barton's submission for 'Capture people on the move' in Oxford (Image credit: Digital Camera/John Barton )

Take part in Digital Camera's reader Shootout and see your images in print

If you’d like to register your interest in our Bristol Aquarium Shootout on 28 January 2019, then send us some samples of your favourite images and a brief note outlining the kind of photography you enjoy shooting the most. 

Please tell us whether you use a DSLR or CSC, but don't worry – Shootout is open to users of both systems. 

We’ll contact the two entrants whose pictures best meet the criteria for this particular Shootout – a keen eye for colour and shape, and the ability to work in low-light conditions. 

Please note that Bristol Aquarium does not permit the use of flash, so you'll need a camera that can produce good results at higher ISOs. 

If you have any queries, then please drop us a line at:, including 'Reader Shootout' in the subject line. 

We look forward to meeting two lucky Digital Camera readers in Bristol for a fish-tastic time later his month. 

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Photograph of Oxford Reader Shootout image 1 by Ash Wroughton

Ash Wroughton shot this in Oxford for 'Capture people in black and white' (Image credit: Digital Camera/Ash Wroughton )
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Silence by Sarah Baynham, from Digital Camera reader Shootout

Sarah Baynham's entry for 'Capture a shot of the rocks and the sea' near Dartmouth (Image credit: Sarah Baynham)
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Misty Landscape photo by Matt Noone, Shootout Nov 2018

Matt Noone photographed this for 'Shoot a misty landscape' in Dartmouth (Image credit: Matt Noone )
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Photo of Fujifilm X-T2 used on reader Shootout

It doesn't matter what camera you use – all CSCs and DSLRs are welcome on Shootouts! (Image credit: Digital Camera/Claire Gillo)
Niall Hampton

Niall is the editor of Digital Camera magazine and has been shooting on interchangeable lens cameras for two decades, and on various point-and-shoot models for years before that. 

Working alongside professional photographers for many years as a jobbing journalist gave Niall the curiosity to also start working on the other side of the lens, and these days his favored shooting subjects include wildlife, travel and street photography, plus dabbling with studio still life.