AI pet camera Pet Pet Cam can feed social media by 'spotting cute events'

Pet Pet Cam
(Image credit: ITIR CES2024)

Leaving your pets behind while you travel can be pretty stressful, your feline friend can be pretty independent and while they miss their owners, checking in with them can be a difficult task. With dogs, you might have someone checking in and you don't want to miss all the fun of your dog while away. 

When I'm away from my cat, I check in using an indoor google nest which I place in a high traffic area to see what my cat is doing. While great for that purpose alone I would like to see some more of the cute moments I miss when traveling or even see if my cat is happy eating and drinking.

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Dan M Lee
Pro Travel and Adventure Photographer, Educator and Author

Dan M Lee is a professional travel and adventure photographer who has shared his knowledge with hundreds of individuals through his in-person wilderness photography training and thousands more through his writing. That includes a book, Creating Photography: The Professional Edge but the way to get involved is to join him on an expedition via

Dan has a broad range of photographic interests – and tech enthusiasm – which he can trace back to his first job, while still at school, in a photography shop in England. He has since been lured across the Atlantic to New York City where he undertakes commissions for numerous publishers.

His extensive traveling means he can be out of his home for more than half the year, which has also seen him develop an interest in smart security systems.

He is also a regular on the Not The Gear and The Grumpy Photographer podcasts.