What is camera shake and why does it happen?

Camera shake
Camera shake is caused by camera movement during the exposure and is connected with the shutter speed. (Image credit: Future)

Camera shake is a term used to describe the involuntary blurring of a picture that occurs when the camera is moving at the time of exposure. It’s relatively easy to identify, as nothing in the picture will be fully sharp – all the defined edges in the frame will be streaking or indistinct. 

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Jon Adams

Jon started out as a film-maker, working as a cameraman and video editor before becoming a writer/director. He made corporate & broadcast programmes in the UK and Middle East, and also composed music, writing for TV, radio and cinema. Jon worked as a photographer and journalist alongside this, and took his video skills into magazine publishing, where he edited the Digital Photo magazine for over 15 years. He is an expert in photo editing, video making and camera techniques.