Live stream like a pro with the AI-powered OBSBOT Tail Air PTZ camera

Image of Obsbot Tail Air PTZ camera
(Image credit: Obsbot)

Whatever streaming platform you use, you need the right tool for the job. One that lets you focus on what matters most – getting your content out there – without having to worry about any technical stuff. 

Wondering if you’re framed up properly, if your face is sharp, if the focus-tracking is locked on when you move around… 

It would be great if something else can do all these hard yards, so you can express yourself without your brain having to background process what your kit might – or might not – be doing while it’s recording. 

The OBSBOT Tail Air PTZ camera will do all the above and much, much more. With a wide 23mm F/1.8 lens, its pan, tilt, zoom and rotate capabilities will let it find the right angle for capturing video up to 4K, and its superpower – OBSBOT’s AI Auto Tracking – means it will always follow the subject that’s in shot. 

Support for NDI means low-latency connectivity and the OBSBOT Tail Air will connect effortlessly to your existing setup via Micro HDMI, USB-C, Ethernet, Wi-Fi – and more. 

Image of OBSBOT Tail Air on a white background

The OBSBOT Tail Air has a 23mm F/1.8 lens and captures video up to 4K resolution (Image credit: Obsbot)

Stream to YouTube, Facebook, Twitch, X and other platforms using the OBSBOT Studio app on your mobile device, which unlocks the Tail Air’s capabilities in an intuitive way. Use Tap Lock to switch subjects, change formats with Tap Switch, or flip between Auto Zoom, Roll, Zoom – and more – with the Picture Controller. 

Plus, use multiple OBSBOT Tail Airs at the same time and control them with a Smart Remote Controller. 

Compact and robust, the OBSBOT Tail Air can be carried in a sling bag and taken anywhere – say ‘sayonara’ to a backpack and needing multiple devices. Mount your Tail Air on a lightweight support and this auto-director PTZ camera is ready to go. 

So whether you’re filming some of your best tricks in the skate park, or talking to the camera while you’re walking, the OBSBOT Tail Air has got your back. 

Its AI tracking is super-accurate and gesture control means you can start and stop recording with a hand movement. It can even work with more unpredictable subjects – so if you want to record the excitable family pet, then reach for the Tail Air. 

Photo of 3 OBSBOT Tail Air PTZ cameras

Over 1,200 backers on Kickstarter have embraced the OBSBOT Tail Air so far, pledging more than $1.1m.  (Image credit: Obsbot)

Live streaming from indoor spaces is a cinch, too. With so much class-leading technology inside, the OBSBOT Tail Air will help you create the best online tutorials you’ve ever made – from whipping up tasty treats in the kitchen to showing off the best side of the latest cosmetics, your streams will have top-end production values enabled by a combination of pristine footage resolution and powerful AI features that leave other PTZ cameras in its wake. 

And for more complex applications, the OBSBOT Tail Air can really change the game. Stream a live band like you’ve never done before, by connecting multiple Tail Air devices via Bluetooth using the Smart Remote Controller. 

Assign a Tail Air to different performers and let the AI Auto Tracking work its magic. Watch as it follows unfailingly the movement of the musicians, recording footage that will really capture the dynamics of the music. 

So whether you stream on your own, with someone else, or as part of a larger team, see how the AI-powered OBSBOT Tail Air can transform your output. 

Niall Hampton

Niall is the editor of Digital Camera Magazine, and has been shooting on interchangeable lens cameras for over 20 years, and on various point-and-shoot models for years before that. 

Working alongside professional photographers for many years as a jobbing journalist gave Niall the curiosity to also start working on the other side of the lens. These days his favored shooting subjects include wildlife, travel and street photography, and he also enjoys dabbling with studio still life. 

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