I spent a week in Iceland with the OM SYSTEM OM-1 and this is what I learned

Tom Ormerod
(Image credit: Tom Ormerod)

I recently had the pleasure of embarking on a road trip with my fellow OM SYSTEM Ambassador, Moises Cugat. OM SYSTEM wanted us to put the new OM1 System OM-1 camera and some of the latest lenses through their paces, and we thought – what better way to do it than a 2000km adventure around Iceland.

Rather than regurgitating a diary of our trip or complex spec sheets (the latter of which can be found online), I thought I would concentrate on some useful real-world takeaways that I found when using the OM1 System OM-1. 

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Tom Ormerod
Professional photographer

Tom Ormerod is a UK landscape photographer, mentor and workshop leader based on the south coast of England. He's also an official OM SYSTEM Ambassador, and knows his way around an Olympus (now OM SYSTEM) camera. Tom is passionate about astrophotography, seascapes and using drones to capture aerial views.

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